About Me

Hi, I'm Ben Brizuela.

I began my journey into photography years ago when I was inspired to take photos of the awe inspiring landscapes I had the privilege of experiencing on my camping trips.  I began doing landscape photography as a hobby, and although I still love it, I didn't have the freedom to be constantly exploring new places to photograph.  Along with not having the freedom to explore, I realized that landscape photography is nice to look at, but it's not all that relatable for many people.  I decided I wanted to start taking photos that were more than just a cool visual, and move toward taking photos that are more evocative and that tell a story.  That being said, it is my privilege to have you here on my website (hopefully because you like my work) and I hope to be able to work with you and tell your story.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Ben Briz

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